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Top 5 Phones With The Highest Radiation

According to new research from the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel, certain cellphones may be exposing us to harmful levels of electromagnetic radiation.

Published in the Biochemical Journal, the study found that a single us of a specific cellphones for just 15 minutes can trigger brain cell changes associated with cancerous cell division.

Dr. John Bucher, Associate Director of the National Institutes of Health, National Toxicology Program, stated:

“As of now, with only 10-12 years exposure, and use increasing dramatically, there is a concern of increase in brain cancer, related to use.”

He also went on to add that children skull’s allow deeper penetration of radiation and could pose a greater risk.

Below are the top 5 phones with the highest radiation. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Do you always feel tired, weak, sick, out-of-focus, no balance, in pain, sad, can't sleep and more...?

Most likely the reason why you feel weak, headache, stressed, fatigue, feeling sick and out of focus is because you have too much exposure to electromagnetic frequency (EMF) or as other people called radiation. Every day you are surrounded with electronic devices like computers, smartphones, tv, microwave oven, cell towers, riding subway, fridge, air conditioner, personal electronic gear that are known to emit this unhealthy energy. EMF are positive ions that causes free radical damage to your body. As a result, this free radicals lower your energy level or block the circulation of your bio energy field causing you to feel sick and weak. This early sign can lead to further diseases or sickness.

electromagnetic field infographic

What you should do to protect yourself, family and friends from EMF?

You need to go to places with high negative ions like forest, water falls, caves, hot spring to balance your body's energy because these places has at least 2500 negative ions. But the problem is we cannot go to these energy rich environment all the time because of our work and the distance from where we live. More information about negative ion CLICK HERE

Negative Ion infographic

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At first glance, it looks like ordinary pendant, but a quick touch or test (and more noticeably if you use ion tester) will reveal that this pendant is far from ordinary – it is made from natural minerals embedded with negative ions or what the scientists called "The Vitamins in the Air".. The technology has been in development for many years in Japan and Germany and the end result of all that research is finally beginning to filter into the North American market. There are now over 6 million people in Asia that are wearing Quantum pendants or bracelets. List of benefits you can get from wearing Quantum Pendant. CLICK HERE

Quantum pendant made from volcanic lava rock

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